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"The Adventures of Paul and Marian" is the story of two star-crossed lovers making their way in the world.  It’s also a story about growing up.  And a story about parents and children.  And a story about capitalists and revolutionaries.  And a story about finding, losing, and then re-finding lost love.  And it's a raucous, funny, quirky musical shot entirely in a unique and dazzling visual style. In short, it's everything you’ve seen before in a way you’ve never seen it before.

"The Adventures of Paul and Marian" is a REAL independent film, unashamedly creative and proud of its bare-bones aesthetic.  We are a committed team of film professionals dedicated to creating fresh, interesting, high quality work that hasn’t yet reached your local cineplex.

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Ah, love.  Against your father's wishes.  Maybe Paul and Marian should have thought about that before they eloped, and now they're on the lam.

Ah, hell.  Paul quickly realizes he can't support Marian’s opulent lifestyle, so he heads out into the world to make his fortune while Marian waits for him.

And waits and waits and waits.

It's been hours.  Paul's Uncle, proprietor of a mail order book business deep in the forest, gently suggests that Marian open a book.  She opens dozens, and, fired by revolutionary fervor, she decides to change the world.

But her father, a corporate giant known as "The General," hasn't changed at all – in fact, he’s sent two goons to hunt for his daughter, and they’re closing in fast.

Meanwhile, in the Big City, Paul discovers a hidden business acumen and a taste for the rat race.

Meanwhile, Marian has found her calling and determines to bring about violent revolution. 

When Paul and Marian meet again, it will be in the company of corporate henchman and mad bombers and singing and dancing.  How can their love survive?



"The Adventures of Paul and Marian" is a fast-paced cinematic romp from desert to jungle, from glass tower to mountaintop retreat. The film’s atmosphere is created with green screen effects to bring Paul and Marian to exotic locations. The background images change to suit the mental states of the characters or the mood of the scene. Stylized sound design brings us from the hyper-naturalistic to the absurd.

And it is a musical, with songs written by classically-trained funk composer Zach Abramson with a score that infuses classical Broadway sensibility with strains of the electronic future.

It’s a fun and funny movie you haven’t seen before.

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